• Must I login to use NewschartApp?

    No. But without login you won't save the metrics/charts/map data. You will only be allowed to share the data to social media. Also logging in allows you to personalise NewschartApp categories.

  • How do I login?

    To login you only need to have a valid google email address (gmail). The login is located at the top-right corner of web page (desktop) or via navigation drawer (mobile) .

  • How does NewschartApp analyse news?

    NewschartApp uses combination of its own natural language processing (nlp) algorithm, content analysis, link analysis and sentiment analysis to analyse news stories for all categories.

  • How accurate is NewschartApp analysis?

    Accuracy is relative. Accuracy in this context means the degree of relatedness to the subject/object matter. Based on results of NewschartApp as seen as from different categories, NewschartApp's accuracy in tandem to the topic is very accurate. Also links to the news stories are provided for confirmation.

  • Can I use NewschartApp as a tool for inference or reference?

    Yes, provided that the user gives credit to it.

  • How do I change news source?

    Use the dropdown at the top of the web page (desktop) or via navigation drawer (mobile)

  • How do I change news year?

    Use the dropdown at the top of the web page (desktop) or via navigation drawer (mobile)

  • How do I share to social media?

    NewschartApp allows you to share its data via facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, google plus and whatsapp using the share link located at the right-hand side of each data.

  • How do I save chart/map/metrics data?

    You will need to login with your gmail address to be able to save data. To save chart or map data, use the download button at the top-right corner of the data and use the save link at the left-hand side of the metrics data

  • Follow System

    Just like your social media platforms, NewschartApp allows you to personalise contents or the categories you are only interested in using the follow button. This is only for logged in users only.

  • Multiple Query Search

    Multiple query search allows you to produce more than one search query in a chart/map/metrics result. To use multiple query search, start the query with '#' accompanied by the first query then a space and 'vs' then a space and the next query.

    Example #cat vs dog vs fish The example is for three queries (cat, dog, fish)
    Why not try it now

  • Map results

    Map analysis result shows locations where variables (subject/object) occured. Map search result shows distribution of all intersection between variables (subject/object) and location(state) mentioned in the news story

  • Chart results

    Chart result shows the timeline of variables (subject/object) and date when the news story was published

  • Metrics results

    Metrics result shows the sum of the result of variables (subject/object) for each news story for over a period of time

  • Web link results

    Web link results are links for the chart/map/metrics analysed or searched. Sometimes the links appears as duplicates. It is not a problem and does not invalidate the result rather it means that duplicate links have more than one result(pick).

  • News entity categories

    News entity categories found in agencies, entertainment, religion and sports were gotten from Wikipedia. While entities in politics section are strictly active political officers.

  • NewschartApp Speed

    NewschartApp is optimized to be very fast. But slowness could likely be as a result of the following:

    When the user selects news-chart for all news source instead of a specific one
    When rendering map data

  • Supported Browsers

    NewschartApp performs better in javascript enabled browsers.