NewschartApp is a news visualization application based on analysis of news content from online news sites. It searches, analyses, filters, categorises and ranks news stories as a chart, map and metrics information from indexed news sites.

NewschartApp analyses news stories using a combination of its own natural language processing (nlp) algorithm, content, link and sentiment analysis respectively. It exposes most reported subjects among others

For reliability of result, NewschartApp provides web links to each map, chart or metrics information. Also NewschartApp references source of news, acknowledging that data for news analysis is not its own.

News. Analyse. Act.

Information is power - if you have the right tools. NewschartApp's analytic tool transforms news data into meaningful insights that lead to statistical data that invokes call to action.

At NewschartApp, we focus exclusively on giving insight to what is contained in news for our users. Our obsession is to empower users through compelling and actionable insights that drive measurable results for individuals/organisations/public officers/public figures/social problems. We strongly believe that action is invoked when statistics are provided rather sentence, which means you can count on getting insights you need about the listed categories without having to do it by yourself.


NewschartApp shows hidden information contained in the news which can be useful in different ways and for different purposes for our users.

One thing we seek to measure is the popularity of the listed categories in online media. A no record found for an agency or an institution could mean inactivity of the institution. While for a public officer/figure, NewschartApp is a measure of his/her prominence in the media space - an assessment tool for media popularity.

For a public relations officer, it is a platform for assessing media coverage of their employer. And for other users it can serve as a reference point for those seeking statistical information of the listed categories on the fly.

Most importantly, NewschartApp can act as a filtering/monitoring/tracking tool for your preferred news categories via its follow feature when the user is logged in.

Our Data

Data for analysis come from indexed online news websites, which is a slice of everyday events. In addition, we categorise and separate these data by news sites and year respectively, allowing the user to compare results from different news sources.


While our analysis presents a very high degree of correctness, the user is at liberty to use the generated information for reference. But we must remind the user that this information/data is a slice of numerous events that take place daily, so we will not be held responsible for the use of our map/chart/metrics information for generalization of any category or subject.